Women Protection Cell

Thecollegeishavingitswomencell functioninginformal sensesinceits inception.Thecellhasbeen established in order toprotect the womenstaff and students associated with the college from all sorts of Women protection of any nature directly and indirectly.

    Purpose: Women Protection Cell functions with the following purposes-

  • To make them aware of their rights.
  • To help them knowing the importance of good health and nutrition and facilities available for them.
  • To help them in developing decision making abilities and self-dependent.
  • To help them raising their voice against all kinds of discrimination.
  • To help them in changing their mind setup.
  • To assist them in overall development of their personality and
  • To help them (community women) in knowing about reproductive health care and child care.

Women Protection Cell of the college is constituted by selecting four women staff. The principal of the college as the chairperson of the cell and one women staff member is the convenor of the cell. The cell is reconstituted every year if situation arises so. The process of reconstruction of the cell lies in the hands of Principal in consultation with the staffmembers.

The committee members who are in charge of Women Protection Cell are

  • Y.Jayanthi
  • B.Divya
  • R.Nirmala
  • S.Rohini Reddy
  • Ch.ShanthiPriya
  • N.Bharathi

The Women Protection Cell functions fortheprotection oftherightsandanysortsofviolence againstthem.Assuch,duringtheorientation programme thestudentsaregiveninformation regardingthefunctionofwomencell.Thewomenteacher-traineesaswellasthestaffmembers areadvisedtoputtheirproblemsinwritinginthesuggestion/complaintboxesfixedindifferent placesoftheinstitutionortodiscussdirectlywiththemembersofthewomencell.Incaseany suchproblemisreportedthemembers ofthecelltrytosolvetheproblemthroughtheirpersonal interactionwith thecomplainantsand ifthematterseemstobeout ofcontrol,itis tobereportedto theprincipaloftheinstitution. Incaseofanysuchproblemthestaffsaswellasthestudentsare expectedtoreportthematterdirectly tothepersoninchargeofthecell


TheWomenProtectionCellisempowered topunishtheguiltypersonsindueconsultationwith theprincipaloftheinstitution.Thenatureofthepunishmentisasfollows

  • Informationtotheparents.
  • Verbalwarning.
  • Writtenwarning.
  • Financialpunishment
  • Informationto policeforlegalinquiryandaction(ifsituationarisesso).
  • Expellingfromcollegeasperruleofuniversity.