Rules & Regulations

1. Ragging in any form inside or outside the college campus is banned vide Ragging Act. 26 of A.P Legislative Assembly 1997. Those who indulge in the uncivilized activity are liable for severe disciplinary action besides being liable for prosecution.

2. All the students must come with a decent dress code. Odd looking Jeans, T-Shirts and facial make ups are strictly prohibited in order to maintain the professional atmosphere.

3. Punctuality and discipline in attending Theory and Practical classes must be maintained.

4. All the students of B. Pharm must put up 65 to 75 % of attendance, failing which they will be detained from that academic year according to the norms of JNTU Hyderabad.

5. Use of cell phone is strictly prohibited in the class rooms and corridors, in such cases, the phone will be ceased for that semester and the student will be suspended from classes for 2 weeks.

6. Students must bring their own accessories such as class note book, lab observation note, apron, weight box etc. individually to avoid inconvenience to the lab assistants.

7. Inappropriate behavior by the students in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
8. Students must follow the academic discipline in all aspects and deal with the faculty and non teaching staff in respectful manner.

9. Any kind of arrogance, unnecessary arguments and misbehavior by the students with the staff members will be punished, which may even lead to suspension from the classes.

10. Any kind of damage to the college property, lab instruments will be seriously punishable and the cost of the article will be implied as breakage fee.

11. Each student can avail 2 library books and must return them as per the procedure adopted in the Library

12. Detailed Rules, Regulations and Norms of the JNTUH can be downloaded from the DOWNLOADS TAB of the Home Page.

Above rules and regulations must be followed by the students for the smooth functioning of the college.