The College of Pharmacy inspires and educates current and future pharmacists and Scientists, engages in cutting-edge research and leads practice development to improve the service to patients and communities while exhibiting a lifelong commitment to personal and professional development.


A leader in outstanding pharmacy education and envision the fulfillment of its mission by:

  • Developing pharmacists who are committed to life-long learning and delivery of team oriented patient care with advocacy and compassion.
  • Providing a dynamic educational experience to a high-achieving student body, thus empowering them to become leaders in patient-centered, interprofessional care.
  • Leading in innovative research in pharmaceutical sciences and practice while embracing the value of interdisciplinary work.
  • Promote scholarly activities that contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge, pharmacy practice, and healthcare.
  • Attracting and retaining outstanding and diverse faculty and staff.
  • Fostering professionalism and integrity by cultivating a sense of personal and institutional responsibility and accountability.
  • Exhibiting excellence and innovation in teaching, service, and research/scholarly activity.
  • Sustaining a collegial environment that promotes collaboration and mutual respect between administration, faculty, staff, preceptors, students, and alumni.